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What’s the Wayfindr Open Standard and why is it important?

The Wayfindr Open Standard applies universal design and best practices for the design and deployment of well engineered and successful network solutions. The ITU - International Telecommunications Union have recommended the standard to it's 190 member countries and over 800 member organizations. For more information download G3ict White Paper emphasizing the importance of the open standard.

What is a Bluetooth low energy - BLE Beacon and how does it help people who are blind, deaf-blind or visually impaired  navigate indoor spaces?

BLE Beacons are exactly what the name implies. It is a low energy bluetooth enabled device that lets a smart device know its proximity to the user. Specifically designed navigation apps such as blindsquare or Right-Hear then use the beacon signal to provide users with uploaded digital information on their surroundings. This is often referred to as augmented reality.

How do consultants who are blind or visually impaired design wayfinding solutions?

Our consultants draw on their orientation and mobility lived-experience and training. Along with cutting edge AI technology and sighted agent services such as Be My Eyes or Aira, to gain a cognitive spacial map to create recommendations and solutions to assist all level of travellers to more independently navigate interior spaces.