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Goodmaps: Inclusive Audio-Based Navigation Platform and App

Goodmaps Explorer: Evolving Outdoor / Indoor Navigation for Everyone

Like the mythical guide creatures in Pokémon.  Nearby explorer, an industry leading audio-based navigation app developed by the American Printing House for the Blind - APH. Has spawn the evolution of a new company, Goodmaps and an innovative app. Meet, Goodmaps Explorer, a seamless indoor and outdoor navigation app.  Combining robust and dynamic outdoor wayfinding capabilities with a revolutionary indoor camera positioning technology.

First, great news for users, the app is free to download. However, be aware that as with other GPS apps it does have an appetite for battery and data. So, keep a check on your smartphone data plan usage and have an extra charge for your battery, if out exploring for a while. Also take advantage of any Wi-Fi free zones to save on data costs.

Second, lots of great features. Quick and easy to understand tutorials to get you out and exploring. Ability to set a virtual location to do look around of nearby points of interest. Setting of filters has been replace with the use of generic keywords in the search field and an option if needing a little help to connect via your smartphone’s camera with a remote volunteer at Be My Eyes. Lots of great features to make getting around easier and safer.

Finally, although the indoor navigation positioning technology sounds exciting and looking forward to exploring a venue with the app’s camera vision technology. Reality right now is that there are likely few venues in your local community that support the technology like Goodmaps yet. The important word here is yet. Apple, Google, Goodmaps, other app developers including Accessibuild / Waymap and Gateway Navigation are working hard to promote the availability of venues that support indoor navigation. For more information on these efforts click on the blog posts below:

Article 3D Digital Mapping Interior Spaces:

Article Sharing Venue Mapping Data

The Goodmaps Explorer app is currently only available for download as an IOS version. But understand an Android version should be out soon. For iPhone or iPad users, click on the following link to download:

Enjoy exploring your world with your new guide.

Gateway Navigation CCC Ltd is dedicated to the acceleration and availability of inclusive indoor and outdoor navigation systems for all persons. Please contact us at the following email with any questions or comments you would like to share:

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