National Accessibility Week: May 31 to June 6, 2020

Working Together: Inclusive Audio-Based Navigation Systems

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Leading up to National Accessibility Week. I am struck by the commonality that mainstream society is sharing with the disabled community. The current pandemic emergency clearly demonstrates the importance of accommodating people and enabling their continued participation. Through identifying technology and work arounds that enable Canadians to stay engaged in work, school, and their community. It is taking steps to assist people to participate in society rather than limiting or denying that opportunity through systemic or bias created barriers.
As a person with a disability. The current crisis and months of hardship and sacrifice reinforces what we have in common. Through the realization that by helping your neighbour you are also helping yourself. creating a society and economy that offers opportunity for everyone to participate. Is the way forward.
The Accessible Canada Act and the consultation that proceeded it was about creating a process in which barriers are identified. Solutions are explored. Strategies are planned and actions are implemented to mitigate the barriers to employment, education, and social interaction for all Canadians.
It is not a secret. People who share a common vision and purpose can achieve extraordinary results.
So, as we approach National Accessibility Week, we affirm Gateway Navigation’s part in this greater effort is to focus on promoting the availability and adoption of inclusive audio-based navigation systems for all persons.
To do this we need your feedback and support. We need your help to enhance accessibility one building at a time. Let us know what built environments you want to have wayfinding that is accessible and inclusive for all persons and together we will start the conversation and process to begin building the extraordinary future of accessibility
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