October 15, 2020: White Cane Awareness Day

Lions Clubs International and NFB Promote Accessibility and Independence for the 285 Million People Globally Who are Blind or Partially Sighted

Editor’s note: Thursday, October 15th is White cane awareness / safety Day in the United States.

The day celebrates the immeasurable contributions people who are blind bring to their communities and raising awareness on the need for full integration, equality, education, and opportunity for persons with visual impairments.

What Canadians need to know.

With over 1.5 million Canadians identifying as having a vision impairment that impacts their daily lives. And one in seven (5.5 million) Canadians likely to experience significant visual impairment in their lifetime (Fighting Blindness Canada). The day is an opportunity to recognize the importance of the white cane and other tools that enhance a person’s mobility and independence.  Recognizing that both socially and economically it is essential to create built environments that are accessible and inclusive for all.

“For blind people, the white cane is an essential tool that gives us the ability to achieve a full and independent life. It allows us to move freely and safely from place to place—whether it's at work, at school, or around our neighborhoods.”

“White Cane Awareness Day is our way of emphasizing the critical role that this tool plays in living the lives we want and informing the public about its true significance.”  National Federation of the Blind, President Mark A. Riccobono

NFB – National Federation of the Blind, for more information click on the following link: https://www.nfb.org/programs-services/meet-blind-month/white-cane-awareness-day

“International White Cane Safety Day gives Lions an opportunity to increase awareness of the white cane traffic safety laws.  According to the World Blind Union, which is a global organization representing the 285 million blind or partially sighted people worldwide, “White Cane Day is observed worldwide to recognize the movement of blind people from dependency to full participation in society.” Lions Clubs International

Lions Clubs, for more information click the following link: https://www.lionsclubs.org/en/resources-for-members/resource-center/white-cane-safety-day

At Gateway Navigation CCC Ltd we walk the talk. Using our lived experience, skills, and training to collaborate and partner with users, venues, organizations, and government to enhance accessibility one building at a time. Please contact us with your questions and comments at email: partners@gnc3.com


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