consultants with a passion for success

Our consultants are blind, deaf-blind or visually impaired. Each have demonstrated strong orientation and mobility skills with a solid understanding of universal design and accessible wayfinding best practices. Using their lived experience and assistive technology. They work with the venue client and stakeholders to map out a most accessible route and wayfinding solutions to meet the needs of people with vision loss attending the venue.

wayfinding assessment the first step

Wayfinding assessments identify the existing building's architectural elements, including auditory, tactile, high contrast and environmental features supporting navigation for people with sight loss. Srarting at public transit or drop-off pick up points to the desired arrival point of a journey.  This assessment becomes the basis for potential audio based navigation network solutions.

start to finish and beyond

We apply a multifaceted approach in working with venues and stakeholders. This includes upholding principles of universal design, expertise in availabe assistive technology, stakeholder co-design, testing proof of concept, inoperability of technology and facilitating ongoing feedback by venue's accessibility team and stakeholders / users.


Building on Global Standards

Our solutions are based on the Wayfindr Open Standard. Which outlines the principles and best practices to be applied om designing human centred, purposeful and well engineered audio based navigation network solutions. The standard is supported by G3ict and the ITU. Both organizations established by the UN to support and develop global standards in assistive technology and telecommunicaitons respectively.

what does mcDonald's in Israel know that you don't?

Accessible audio based navigation networks are not expensive or complicated. The restaurant chain in Israel has undertaken to have a $50 piece of hardware called a beacon placed at the entrance of their restaurants. A blind visitor using a free app is then provided with audio based navigation orientation information regarding the restaurant.


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