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Access Radio’s SoapBox Interview

60-Minute Podcast: discover Everything you need to know about digital indoor navigation

Well, maybe not everything, but without a doubt many of the high points to give a good understanding of the technology and the far-reaching benefits it offers in creating inclusive and welcoming venues for everyone.
Join Access Radio’s, Soapbox host extraordinaire Amy Amantea for an in-depth discussion on indoor navigation, accessibility and inclusion recorded on Wednesday, March 31, 2021.
Amy is joined by Jeff Godfrey, General Manager, Y4U developer of the Accessibuild app / platform, Brian Bibault, Assistive Tech advocate and David Brun, Co-Founder Gateway Navigation CCC Ltd, specializing in inclusive audio-based indoor and outdoor navigation systems.
Click the link below to hear the conversation:
Thank you to Amy and Access Radio for providing their platform to help us spread the word on the social, environmental, and economic benefits offered via inclusive indoor and outdoor navigation systems.
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