Wayfinding Accessibility Assessment Services

Accessibility assessment's explore a building's four wayfinding features; being architectural, graphic, tactile and audible elements. Providing a framework to integrate accessible and inclusive navigation solutions  of exterior and interior spaces.

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Approved Supplier Government of Canada

SELECT is a Government of Canada database., comprised of registered suppliers providing construction, architectural or engineering consulting services as well as related maintenance. It is a government-wide procurement vehicle designed to offer federal departments access to prequalified suppliers who can offer these services.

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Enhancing AccessibilityOne Building at a Time

Enhancing accessibility one building at a time is an educational seminar program, highlighting the importance of equal access and inclusion. Focused on applying universal design principles and the International Telecommunications Union Wayfindr  Open Standard.

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Solving the Impossible through innovation

In partnership with the Canadian Council of the Blind CCB. Gateway Navigation CCC Ltd. Was incorporated in 2017 in Vancouver, British Columbia as a community contribution company. Dedicated to improving the accessibility of interior spaces for individuals who are blind, deaf-blind or visually impaired. Just as smart phone-based GPS has made exterior navigation easier for everyone, so Gateway supports audio-based navigation ABN network solutions that make unfamiliar and complex building interiors more accessible and inclusive to the over one and half million Canadians who are blind, deaf-blind or visually impaired.

Our focus is to adapt these systems to the Canadian context, while supporting global efforts to standardize the planning, design, implementation and monitoring of accessible audio based indoor and outdoor navigation networks.


Image with letters G3ict the UN sanctioned global organization promoting assistive technology innovation

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