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McGill Shared Reality Lab Is Recruiting Users of the Internet Who Are Blind, Deaf-Blind or Low Vision to Participate in the IMAGE Project

McGill University in Partnership with Gateway Navigation CCC Ltd and the Canadian Council of the Blind (CCB) is seeking individuals with lived experience to participate in the planning, design, testing and trialing of assistive technology.  This technology is being developed to enable persons who are blind, deaf-blind, or low vision to more independently, quickly, and effortlessly interpret currently inaccessible graphical image content published to the internet.

Through a quarterly consultation process, participants will provide online and possible in-person feedback to the McGill Research Team. There will be a number of consultations starting with initial feedback on the planned R&D to be undertaken and ending with participants trialing the beta versions of the assistive technology developed.  The first two quarterly consultations are expected to require approximately one hour to complete. As the project progresses, and the developed products advance towards commercialization, two to three hours per quarter will be required.

Beyond the requirement that participants have lived experience in the area of using non-visual technology to access the internet, those with all levels of skill and knowledge are encouraged to participate. Participation is on a voluntary basis.

No compensation is being offered for your participation, but all participants will be kept updated on our progress and be able to use the assistive technology software prototypes being developed, with our thanks and acknowledgement of their individual contribution to the success of this project.

At present, we are recruiting only participants aged 18 years and above. Those interested in participating or learning more about the project are invited to take part in our initial questionnaire at the links listed below:

Survey in English

Sondage en français

McGill Image Project Website

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