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In our role  as a social impact company. Gateway Navigation CCC Ltd. has been promoting the technology of accessible digital augmented reality (AR) wayfinding since 2017. Which is why we are so excited with the ground-breaking work being implemented by tech start up companies, Waymap, Accessibuild and Goodmaps. Using standardized accessible digital maps of the built environment to create inclusive digital wayfinding tools.

These companies are applying their innovative and unique proprietary solutions, enabling all users to navigate with confidence and enhancing the opportunities for everyone  to explore and better understand their surroundings. These initiatives are being supported by forward thinking and socially progressive municipalities elsewhere in the world. However, across Canada, it is only a handful of public institutions and private corporations that have recognized the importance of universal accessibility and have taken the lead. While this is encouraging, these scattered islands of accessibility can only be connected if municipal and regional institutions step up.

Recently, Gateway Navigation partnered with Waymap, Accessibuild and wayfinding experts at the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT), to respond to an RFP call for submissions from TransLink for an accessible digital wayfinding pilot for Vancouver Metro Transit. The proposal outlined a pilot to use the Accessibuild digital mapping expertise with the Waymap app at Waterfront Station, one of Metro Vancouver’s busiest transit interchanges.

To implement these solutions in BC and across Canada, we need local and regional governments, transit authorities and others to step up as they recently did in Washington DC. The attached article and interview, with Tom Pey, CEO Waymap, describes the accessibility service now being implemented by Washington DC Metro across its entire network of stations and bus stops.

App to Help Blind People Navigate Public Transit to Debut in Washington – Inside Telecom - Inside Telecom

It remains our vision to implement a similar digital navigation system across the transit system in Metro Vancouver.

How can you help? Share our vision with your friends, family and colleagues.

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