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LiDAR 3D Indoor Mapping: Inclusive Audio-Based Navigation Systems

3D Indoor Mapping the Evolution of Inclusive Augmented Reality

No matter whether you are a manager or customer at a venue. Being able to have people efficiently and safely reach a destination represents an economic and service value. Providing the opportunity to inform people about their surroundings and the choices available. The power of the digital marketplace to provide easily accessible information; is a service the built environment needs to duplicate to be competitive and relevant.
Twenty-two percent of people who are working age have a limitation. In which an inclusively designed environment. Provides accommodations that enable people to access and utilize the venue for employment, education, services or recreation. All generating an economic and service value for both venue owners and customers.
Although, inclusive indoor mapping will not change the physical accessibility features of interior spaces. It does maximize the availability and benefit of these features to users.
Until recently the use of 3D architectural modeling using LiDAR represented a substantial cost. But like many technical innovations the price of these scans and conversion to an opens source map data format. Now represent a cost-effective method to map and identify an interior space for accessible audio-based augmented reality apps.
LiDAR scan data is collected from site and processed via computer and converted into accurate, scaled, 3D models reflecting all physical entities/conditions. Any physical, visible object on site is recreated and included within the model (walls, doors, windows, stairs, furniture, etc.). In this format, the app developer can measure and quantify any set of points in the model with ease, and more importantly, provide accuracy for the end app user.
Gateway Navigation CCC Ltd is collaborating with Accessibuild to map interior spaces, working with O&M professionals and persons with lived experience, to create an open source map data file supporting a free inclusive audio-based indoor navigation system for all end users to efficiently, safely and independently navigate a venue and augment their understanding of the environment around them.
Contact us at with your questions or for a quote to have your venue mapped and supported by the Accessibuild App.

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