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Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC): Inclusive Indoor Navigation Systems

Working Together for the Common Good: Standardizing IMDF

OGC members, including Google, are supporting Apple’s, Indoor Mapping Data Format (IMDF) to be recognized as the industry’s standard for open indoor digital map information. Other Consortium Members including Autodesk, Esri, New York City Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications (DOITT), Ordnance Survey Limited, and Safe Software also supported the submission
IMDF enables mobile-compatible and user-friendly information for any indoor space, providing a basis for orientation, navigation, and the augmenting of an individual’s understanding of their surroundings.
Agreeing to an industry standard enables venues to share and/or register their location information to a multitude of navigation / wayfinding app developers. Essentially, marketing the venue and services it offers to the widest audience possible.
Apple IMDF Overview
“Indoor Mapping Data Format provides a generalized, yet comprehensive model for any indoor location, providing a basis for orientation, navigation and discovery. In the current release there are also detailed instructions for modeling the spaces of an airport, a shopping mall, and a train station.
Developers can access both text and visual examples of all features, along with clear explanations of all terms. IMDF conforms to RFC 7946, ensuring compatibility and transferability of the data. IMDF is lightweight, mobile friendly, and can be rendered on any device, OS, or browser.
For GIS and BIM specialists, there is support for IMDF in many of your favorite tools.
IMDF maps integrated with indoor positioning can establish the foundation for a wide range of consumer and enterprise location-based apps and websites.” (excerpt apple website)
Building owners and managers implementing the development of the digital mapping data, IMDF Standard for their venue. Along with the ITU and CTA international standards for creating inclusive audio-based indoor and outdoor navigation systems for all persons. Are not only addressing the spirit and regulatory requirements under the Accessible Canada Act. They are welcoming the 22% of working age Canadians with a disability to work, learn and enjoy the services and products supported at their location.For more information on the use and importance of standards for building welcoming, accessible, and inclusive environments for everyone. Contact Gateway Navigation at email
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